Nooks Menu

Our online menu is available for viewing and downloading by following this link.  Feel free to download it and call in orders for take-out.

Coriander Crusted Atlantic Salmon

Coriander Salmon

Below are just a few of the Chef's favorite dishes.  Though, not all are permanently fixed on the menu, the Chef often experiments with new dishes and combos giving our daily specials a unique line-up.

The Coriander Crusted Atlantic Salmon is fully organic and is farm-raised in Newfoundland.  It has a much richer flavor due to its spawning in some of the coldest water in the North Atlantic giving it a higher fat count and a unique taste.  Nooks Restaurant gets this fish direct from fishing boats in a program called North Coast.  This eliminates the middle-man and ensures fresher product.

Monte Cristo

Monte CristoA brunch favorite, our Monte Cristo features sauteed ham, turkey, and Swiss cheese on French toast with organic pure maple syrup.  Served with a side of fresh fruit-of-the-day and is the perfect pairing for a mid-morning mimosa.

Our Chef prides himself on reinventing favorite and classic dishes.  From making a Monte Cristo a truly gourmet experience to reinventing often simple dishes like burgers and fries.

You'll find that Nooks has a range in its menu to satisfy any palette.

Creole Barbecue Shrimp with Fried Eggplant

BBQ Shrimp

Our shrimp is truly jumbo (16-20) in this classic Creole dish.  We season it with smoked paprika and various other spices creating a deep bronze color.  After removing the shrimp from the saute pan, we deglaze it with  Abita Amber Ale, an authentic Cajun beer brewed in the heart of Louisiana.  Finally, we top off the shrimp with Plugra Butter, a European extra-rich butter.